January 9

Start Your Life Coaching Career in 2019

Are you ready to take on a new challenge in 2019? Do you want to help people create positive momentum forward in their lives? Are you excited by the idea of being an ally in someone’s journey toward a more compelling and fulfilling life? Consider becoming a life or spiritual coach this year! This field is not only growing steadily, but it also gives caring and passionate people a chance to make positive impacts in the lives of others. 

Is Life or Spiritual Coaching Right for You?  

Coaching is unlike therapy in that the focus is on the future rather than on the past. As a coach, you have the opportunity to help clients create a compelling future for themselves while providing the support they need to stick to their goals. Specifically, coaches may work with clients by: 

  • Helping clients identify a new and exciting vision for their lives.
  • Using their experience and education to refine the client’s vision.
  • Encouraging clients to discover goals, blocks, and strategies.
  • Holding clients accountable to the goals and strategies they have created.

Professionals from all backgrounds are drawn to coaching. Some are looking for a completely new and different challenge that allows them to be of service to people. Others want to use coaching techniques to provide more value in their unrelated career field. Still others want to add a life or spiritual coaching aspect to their current health, financial, or career coaching practices. No matter where you are in your career or what your educational background, a career in life and spiritual coaching can be rewarding and lucrative for those with the desire to help others. 

How to Get Started 

At Life Purpose Institute we prepare coaches for successful careers. We offer both Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching Certification programs that provide students with unprecedented levels of personalized attention. Our highly-experienced staff also prepares new coaches for starting their own businesses so they can hit the ground running. 

Life Coach Certification: For those who want to help others create tangible progress in their lives related to career, health, relationships, finances, life balance, and spirituality. At the end of the program, participants will become a Certified Life Coach (CLC). 

Spiritual Coach Certification: For those who want to help others create forward momentum in their lives through the perspective of spirituality. At the end of the program, participants will become both a Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC) and a Certified Life Coach (CLC). 

We also offer a Premier Certification Program which includes the Advanced Life Coach Certification and Practicum and professional mentoring.  

Get Your Free Life Coach Training Class 

Continuing your education is a big decision. Make sure you do your research to find the best fit for you. When comparing coaching certification programs, consider the course formats offered, the class sizes, and support and networking opportunities. Be sure to identify programs that provide resources and education for launching and growing a coaching business. 

If you are interested in learning more about Life Purpose Institute, we offer a free, 90-minute class to prospective students so you can learn more about the field, our programs, and how our coaches get their businesses up and running. Sign up for your free class now and take the first step toward a fulfilling career as a life or spiritual coach. 

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