December 26

3 Questions to Help You Create Momentum for the New Year


It’s that time of year again! As the end of 2018 approaches, many of us begin to think about our New Year’s Resolutions. And whether you are a believer in New Year’s Resolutions or not, the fact is that resolutions are just goals, and as life coaches, we specialize in helping people achieve their goals.

Like any goal, resolutions can be hard to stick to over time. If there is not a concrete plan in place for achieving goals, the chances of them fizzling out over just a few weeks are high. But don’t worry! There are a number of things we can do to create some momentum before the new year that will help us stick to our resolutions in 2019.

Here are three questions we can ask ourselves that can help us create the positive momentum we need to achieve in the new year. 

After all, the key to sticking to resolutions is to have a plan in place before the new year begins.

What’s your motivation?

Any goal is unlikely to stick if we don’t know why it’s our goal in the first place. We are more likely to achieve our resolutions if they are tied to a strong why. Why did I choose this as a goal? Why is this important to me? Why do I want to feel or think the way I do? If we forget our whys, then it will be easy to forget our whats. 

Think about your resolutions and get very clear about why you have chosen them. Then, make sure that your whys are visible to you daily. This may mean putting a post-it on your mirror, in your car or on your computer screen. Or maybe it means that you remind yourself in your daily meditation session. Keep your motivating factors in front of mind. This will help you anytime your enthusiasm falters or you are tempted to take the easy way out.

Who are you accountable to?

When we share our goals with others, we are much more likely to achieve them. For many of us, it is difficult to stay accountable to ourselves. It takes the support and encouragement of another person to keep us on track. After all, others tend to not let us off the hook as easily as we would ourselves.

Find a trusted friend or family member with whom you can share your resolutions with. Better yet, enlist the help of a certified life coach to help you create your goals and a plan to achieve them. Life coaches are your accountability partner and motivator all in one. 

Are you kind to yourself?

The initial excitement of a New Year’s Resolution will fade for most of us. Our resolutions then quickly stall out because we are hard on ourselves when we falter. Try to be kind to yourself this year. Know that it’s likely that you will have some missteps and that you may not be perfect throughout the year. Tell yourself that this is normal and no reason to forget your resolution altogether.

Being kind to yourself will help you to pick up where you left off without guilt or blame. This positive attitude lets you keep the momentum going, getting you closer to achieving your goals.

Are you a New Year’s Resolution setter? Try these three strategies to help you create the momentum you need to successfully achieve your goals this year. If you are struggling to identify your goals or if you need a partner to help you stay accountable, you may benefit from the services of a life coach. 

Learn more about life coaching and how you may reach your goals with the help of a certified coach.

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