May 19

Can’t Focus? Try These 7 Focus Tips


Are you finding it hard to focus? If so, you are not alone. The pandemic has taken a toll on many people and the change in season is making people want to be outside, enjoying hobbies rather than stuck to their desks.

No matter who you are, you have probably experienced periods where you’ve lacked focus and found it hard to muster up the motivation to get things done. While for some people there are short stints of distraction, for others it can be a predominant experience. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, we could all benefit from some tips on how to increase our focus on the things we want to accomplish.

If you need help focusing on your goals, consider implementing these 7 tips into your daily routine. Start small by choosing one or two, and then ramp up as you have developed these positive habits.

Create a mantra. 

Creating a mantra or an intention is a way to immediately focus your mind on what you want in your life. Mantras can be repeated anytime throughout the day when you need to refocus. Mantras are deeply personal depending on your goals. An example could be “I will journal because it helps me sort my feelings and be a better partner.”

Develop a morning ritual.

Morning rituals can be very powerful for setting the intentions that you want for the day. Again, rituals are personal to you and can include things such as cooking a healthy meal, going for a walk or working out, meditating or intention setting. Whatever you choose to include in your morning routine, the goal should be to choose activities that nourish and energize you. By doing this, you will boost your energy and focus for the day.

Focus on what you want to achieve.

Rather than focusing on the tasks you must accomplish, try focusing on why you want to accomplish them. By connecting tasks to their ultimate goal, it allows you to see the bigger picture and find more internal motivation. For example, instead of putting off writing articles for your website, you can focus on the reason behind it. You are writing the articles because you love sharing information that can help others lead their best lives. Or, you are writing articles to scale your business so you can have the life you desire. 

Eliminate your biggest distractions.

What are your biggest distractions that take your focus away from your goals? For some people it might be social media and the constant ding of their smartphones. For others, it could be all the chores that must be done that take you away from working from home successfully. In order to maintain the focus that you need, it is important that you eliminate these distractions the best you can. Turn off notifications on your phone or set a timer for dedicated work time. Get help for household chores or give yourself a one-hour block at lunch to handle those duties.

Focus on one thing at a time.

Multi-tasking may be a badge of honor for some, but the reality is that it is an extremely ineffective way to operate. By doing too many things at once, you are never doing any of them to an optimal level. Instead of trying to do and be all things at once, choose your task and work solely on that. Not only will your performance improve, but you will be able to retain the focus you need.

Give yourself breaks.

Contrary to what many believe, giving yourself breaks periodically can boost energy and increase motivation and focus. By going for a walk, changing your environment or simply stretching, you will give your brain and body a chance to relax, recharge and refocus.

Design your space for success.

For many of us, the transition over the last 14 months to working from home has been challenging. Our homes are full of distractions, from chores to kids, deliveries, and everything in between, it can be hard to reduce the clutter and chaos. While you may not be able to eliminate them completely, true focus will happen when you can design your space for success. 

If you find that you continue to struggle with staying focused, you may consider seeking the help of a certified life coach. Life coaches have tools and techniques to help you identify what obstacles are in your way and develop strategies for remaining focused on what it is you want to achieve.

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