November 9

Walking Your Talk As A Life Coach

When people consider becoming a life coach they often feel that they need to be the “perfect” person and be on track with their life in order to be a good coach. The good news is that there is no perfect person.  We are always in process, not in perfection.  After people become certified as a life coach we hope people stay in process and continue to be an even better human being and create an even better life for themselves.

We are in process on a daily basis as each day presents opportunities to live by our principles and make new choices.

What is walking your talk as a life coach?  How do you really model the values and behaviors of a Certified Coach?    Here are 7 things for you to consider:

Doing the “right thing” rather than the comfortable thing.

By “right thing”, I mean following one’s inner guidance and doing the thing that is on purpose moment by moment.  This means taking action and living what one believes.  It may not be comfortable, as we often want to stay in our comfort zone, keep the status quo, and do the same things over again.  In doing the correct thing we will be compelled to action and move forward into new choices and new behaviors.

Living true to your highest values.

Most people join the coaching profession as it is in alignment with their highest values. They can make more of a contribution and be of service.  One can be authentic and real and fully use his or her gifts with others. It’s a chance to gain independence and freedom while also being kind and loving to others. These are a few values to consider.  What are the values you aspire to?

Coaching is going beyond our circumstances.

It’s easy to get swept away by our everyday lives and circumstances. Everyday life feels like the cold reality to many people.  As a coach that walks their talk, we come from a place of possibility and knowing there are more choices and opportunities available to us even if he or she doesn’t see them in the moment.  We are open to explore all of the choices and opportunities as they present themselves.

Honoring the people we interact with.

Coaching comes from a place of acceptance of others’ kindness, being sincere, communicating from a place of truth, and honoring that each person has their own path, feelings and choices to make.

Maintaining life balance

is a common issue many clients struggle with. Is your life in balance? Are you working too much and not taking the time you need for yourself and those you care about? Are you making the time for fun, leisure and relaxation?

Taking good care of yourself.

How is your selfcare?  A good self-care program usually consists of enough sleep, making good food choices, exercising, saying no and setting boundaries when needed, taking time for a spiritual practice (if you have one) and doing things in your life that nurture your soul. What is your ideal self-care program?  What can you do to honor that program on a daily basis?

 Not dwelling in the past

but being present and moving from this point forward.  Coaching is not about the past although we can certainly talk about the past from time to time.  Coaching is about the present and changing things now.  Even if we have experienced difficult things in our past, we can change our patterns, beliefs, and actions right now.  I often say the quickest way out of regret is to have the life we always wanted now.  What can you do right now to break through difficult circumstances and repeating patterns?  What can you do right now to create a life you love?

Life gives us the opportunity to make fresh choices daily.  Are you on track today for walking your talk as a life coach?  If not, get yourself back on track and begin fresh today to start to live these principles. When one stays true to the values and principles of life coaching life is more fulfilling, we are in balance, and feel more in alignment with ourselves and others.  There is great peace and satisfaction. It is well worth taking the higher road.

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