January 10

Is This Year Going to Be the Same as the Last? Are You Any Different?

Perhaps you have goals you’ve been thinking about for a while such as losing weight, improving a relationship, or changing your job.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about becoming a Life Coach for a while but you’ve been putting it off. Or….you’ve already become a Certified Life Coach and now it’s really time to build your practice.

To achieve these goals in 2017, you must be different than you were last year and approach your goals with another mindset.

Are you any different than you were?  Have you become more confident, committed, persistent, inspired, or motivated?  Are you stronger in character, more committed to your vision?  If so, build upon these qualities to propel you toward your goals.

If not, ask yourself coaching questions:

  • How can I be more inspired to do this?
  • What will motivate me to move forward?
  • How do I take better care of myself?
  • What is my vision?
  • What really motivates me to move forward?

The key to finally achieving the goals you’ve been talking about is to set yourself up to win.  You may need to set it up small enough that it’s achievable.  By seeing positive results, you’ll start to feel better about yourself and more inspired to move forward.  Acknowledge yourself for your positive qualities and successes along the way.  The more you start to create a success track record with yourself, the greater the momentum will be and more results you will see.

Another key is to make it fun.  Viewing your goal as something you should do or have to do actually zaps your energy and motivation.  How can you make it fun this year?

Here are some examples:

  • A woman wants to lose 30 pounds and dreads exercising.  She decides to take dance classes with her husband.  It not only can spice up her marriage, but it’s great exercise.
  • A man decided he’ll change careers so he attends events that interest him at organizations in which people network together.
  • A couple organizes their garage by putting on music and dancing and singing while organizing their garage.

Don’t view it as all or nothing.  Sometimes people are on a diet.  Either they will do everything right and eat perfectly or they won’t.  Here’s an example. We’ve all seen it time and time again.  Someone will be on a diet until temptation or circumstance comes along and they get off the diet.  Once they get off the diet, that’s it, end of diet.  People often view other goals as all or nothing.  I will either improve my relationship or not.  Make more money or not.  Get organized or not.  It’s okay to take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back as long as you are moving forward.  Once you start to move forward, the speed will pick up and you’ll have less and less setbacks.  It’s okay to have setbacks from time to time. Give yourself permission.

What is your vision?  What are the benefits of achieving your goal?  Pick things that really matter. Remind yourself over and over about these benefits.  The vision has to be more compelling than your circumstances.  If not, you probably won’t achieve your goals.  Spend time really getting in touch with and connecting to what the real benefit is and what it is you’re trying to do.  What do you really want?

In short, to make this year different:

1) Use or develop special qualities you need to achieve your goals

2) Set yourself up to win

3) Make it fun

4) Don’t view it as all or nothing

5) Get in touch with your vision

Doing these things will make this year different and a lot more fulfilling.  Yes, it’s time to move forward with your goals, improve your job, health or relationships in 2017. Start your coaching business, train to be a Life Coach, or do whatever your true purpose is. You can do it!


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